Finance Credit Investments Economic categories

Finance Credit Investments Economic categories

Scientific works in theories of economics and credit according to the specification of the research object are characterized by being versatile and versatile.

The definition of the totality of economic relations formed in the process of forming distributing and using economies as money sources is widely spread. For example in general finance theory there are two definitions of economics.

The economy reflects economic relations the formation of funds from money sources in the process of distribution and redistribution of national revenue according to distribution and use. This definition is given relative conditions for capitalism when equivalent relationships are universally characteristic.

Economies represent the formation of centralized decentralized money sources economic relations relative to distribution and use which serve to fulfill state functions and obligations and also conditions for expanded additional production. This definition is taken up without showing the environment in its activities. We partly share such an explanation of the finances and consider it appropriate to make certain specifications.

First finance overcomes the limits of the distribution and redistribution service for national income although it is a fundamental basis for the economy. In addition the formation and use of the depreciation fund which forms part of the financial domain is not part of the distribution and redistribution of national income of newly created value over one year but to the distribution of already developed value.

This latest one seems to be part of the value of the most important industrial funds later it will be moved to the cost of a finished product thats also the value and after it has been reached and it will be added to the Depression Fund. Its source is taken into consideration beforehand as a depression type in the consistency of finished product cost.

Secondly the main goals of finance are much broader than fulfillment of state functions and obligations and conditions for expanded further production. The economy is at state level and also at the level of manufacturers and branches and under such conditions when most manufacturers are not governmental.

Real formation of financial resources begins at the stage of distribution when the value is realized and concrete economic forms of the realized value are separated from the profits consistency. V. M. Rodionova emphasizes finances as the distribution of relationships when D. S. Moliakov underlines the industrys economic fundamentals. Although both of them provide a fairly in depth discussion of the finances such as a system for the formation distribution and use of money from money it comes from the following definition of finance. Financial cash relations which constitute the distribution and redistribution of the sub value of the national the richness and total social product are related to the subject of the economy and the formation and use of state cash income and savings in expanded further production in the material incentives of workers to satisfy societys social and other wishes.

In the political economys manuals we meet the following definitions of economics.

Socialist finances represent economic cash relations with the help of which in the form of a planned allocation of income and savings funds from government and socialist funds are created to guarantee the growth of production increase human material and cultural levels and to meet other general public inquiries .

The system for the creation and use of the necessary funds with the means to guarantee socialist widened further production represents exactly the finances of socialist society. And the overall economic conditions arise between the state the manufacturers and the organizations branches regions and separate citizens according to the movement of cash flows make financial relationships .

As we have seen financial definitions from financiers and political economists do not differ much.

In each discussed position are the following.

Expression of essence and phenomenon in the definition of economy

The definition of economy such as the system for the creation and use of funds from cash sources at the phenomenon level.

Distribution of finances as social product and the value of national income definition of the distribution of planned nature main economic and economic relations for service to which it is used.

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